Asmati Chibalashvili: Overcoming


The piece „Overcoming“ was written as a result of inspiration from the paintings of Victor Sydorenko, based on which the video was created. The work is based on idea of opposition and overcoming by the hero of internal and external obstacles followed by transition to another state, signifying liberation.


  • Asmati Chibalashvili is a composer and researcher (Ph.D. in History of Arts).
  • Was born in 1986 (Telavi, Georgia). Since 1994 live in Ukraine.
  • Graduated to Odesa State Music Academy A. V. Nezhdanova with prof. K. Tsepkolenko (2006) and postgraduate studies at Kyiv National P.I. Tchaikovsky Music Academy with Prof. Ye. Stankovych (2010).
  • Her composing and research practice focuses on the issue of audiovisual synthesis, the interaction of sound and image. Her PhD thesis also focuses on artistic synthesis in contemporary chamber music.

The piece “Light” for piano, violin, cello and video – the first realized experiment on the interaction of sound and visual was selected and performed at the ISCM World (New) Music Days Festival (Canada, Vancouver, 2017).

Interpreten und Ort:

The piece was performed on 6 September 2020 at the International Festival of Contemporary Art TWO DAYS AND TWO NIGHTS OF NEW MUSIC (Odesa, Ukraine) by Dan Auerbach (us) and Ensemble SENZA SFORZANDO (ua): Yuri Danchuk (percussion), Polina Pogozha (piano), Yevhen Dobvush (cello), Viktor Glushenko (double bass), Oleksandr Perepelytsia (conductor, artistic director).


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