Juan J. Ochoa: IN PROGRESS


An anatomical journey through the inner architectures of a piano and a pianist.

Biografie des Autors:

Juan J. Ochoa is a Spanish pianist and composer known for his vibrant music for electronic prepared piano and his sought after soundtracks for films and dance shows. His style builds bridges between the classical tradition, the avant-garde and the electronic dance music, with compositions that present a strong visual and physical aspect as well as deep and emotive sensitivity.

Marta Azparren is a visual artist and performer based between Madrid and Barcelona. Her videos have been screened and awarded in numerous international film and video festivals, exhibitions and art fairs. Her work claims to be a meta-reflection on the artistic activity, with an attentive gaze at the ties between creator, spectator and object, and its mediators. Closely linked to performing arts and music, she often collaborates in these areas as a live drawer, performer or VJ.

Albert Carrera’s work is characterised by the sensitivity of the images he records, the musicality of his editions and a style that generates a positive impact to the audience. Graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, he began his professional career making videos for artists from different disciplines, which led him to specialise in mostly musical projects such as music videos and video dance.

Interpreten und Ort:

  • Director: Marta Azparren and Albert Carreras.
  • Writer: Marta Azparren and Juan J. Ochoa.
  • Cinematography: Albert Carreras.
  • Assistant Cinematographer and Still Photo: Diego Calvo.
  • Drone Operator: Marc Soto
  • Costume Design: Adrián del Arroyo.
  • Make Up: Paula Barjau.
  • Produced by Juan J. Ochoa


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