Sergio Blardony: Red Werther


„RED WERTHER“ (2018) – Commentary: What is left of the romantic lover today? Are there still Werthers?

„Red Werther“ is a video art project by Marta Azparren with music by Sergio Blardony that uses Goethe’s original text as its starting point and the imagery of Romantic painting to show a pathetic character, without defined sex or gender, who wanders in a time and rhythm of his own, oscillating between the extreme pain and the contemplation.

This suffering and non-productive character goes through different situations which represent experiences of the drifts of contemporary love; such as the loneliness in the presence of a post-industrial landscape, the consumption of bodies, the culture of amusement/avoidance and facing the multiplication and surplus of the image…

This piece makes use of the contemporary dance as a language. In order to do this, a choreography was created based on the gestures of pictorial Romanticism, which gives rise to a body whose movements are characterized by excess.

Also, an original music was composed, suggested by the Romantic gestures of works of the 19th century as a deconstructed transcription of the climax of the Romantic passion into some certain codes of experimental music.


Premiered at La Neomudéjar Museum (Madrid) (9-9-18), shown at: Zeppelin Festival, CCCB (Barcelona) (19-10-18), International Festival Punto de encuentro, SGAE Auditorium (Valencia) (23-11- 18), Synchresis Program, curated by Julia Chiner and Stefano Scarani, M. Carra Conservatory (Málaga) (29-1-19), Victoria Eugenia Conservatory (Granada) (december 2019), MADATAC X Festival, Cineteca (Madrid) (February 2019)

Biografie des Autors:

Sergio Blardony is a Spanish composer (Madrid, 1965), with numerous awards: Spanish Authors Society (SGAE) Composition first price, the International „City of Tarragona“ Award for Musical Composition, Shut Up And Listen! Award (Viena), “Joaquín Turina” Prize, or Space Laboratory Contest 2016 & 2019, Consortium 2019 University of South Florida…

He has composed over 90 works for all manner of instruments and voice: solo and chamber music, ensemble, orchestral, vocal and choral, electroacoustic and multimedia, music-theater… His compositions have been premiered and performed by internationally renowned performers in different countries: Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Korea, Cuba, China, Czech Republic, England, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Nepal, Portugal, Russia, Spain, USA…

Almost all his works premiered have been recorded by various radio stations and television channels: Radio Clasica-RNE, Catalunya Radio, RTVE-La 2, Radio France, Deutschlandfunk Köln… His compositions are published by various music publishers: Bèrben Edizioni Musicali, Pygmalion, EMEC-Spanish Editor of Contemporary Music, Periferia Sheet Music, Babel Scores, UME (Music Sales Group).

He is director of the on-line magazine Sul Ponticello, director of EPOS Laboratory of Creation and Research Music-Word, codirector of the cycle TRASHUMANCIAS – Interdisciplinary Conference, and co-director of the Doble Fondo radio art project, besides participating in other initiatives and cultural and educational projects.

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Interpreten und Ort:

Sergio Blardony (music composition), Marta Azparren (direction), Trino Zurita (cello), Tania Arias (choreography & performer), Claudia Faci, Lucas Condró (choreography), Sandra Cendal (assistant director), Angel Esteban (image and postproduction), David Picazo (lighting), Nuria Obispo (art direction), Cecilia Molano (costume design), Natalia Salazar (production assistant).

Video recording: Pradillo Theater, Madrid.


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