Dorone Paris: For the Lives of Our Children

Ireland’s history of wars, whether civil or for its independence, terrorist attacks and killings of innocents, has shaped the country as it is today. For me personally, I see a direct comparison between Anglo-Irish history and the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict. After learning about Irish history and visiting historical sites, I was struck by the similarities of the histories of both conflicts. I was saddened, especially because it evoked childhood memories that were quite similar to the Irish events. For me, the relative peace in modern Ireland is a symbol of hope for other countries around the world struggling with similar conflicts.

This composition is a film, consisting of photos and sound. It is dedicated to Ireland and the Irish people, in memory of the day peace was achieved. It aims to remind the Irish people of the devastating consequences of war so that they will continue to support other peace processes globally.


Dorone Paris is an Israeli political composer living and working in Ireland. She also holds a PhD in Music Composition from University College Cork in Ireland. Being raised in Israel influenced her political ideas and affected her musical creativity, aesthetics and philosophy. Her work focuses mainly on the Israeli and Palestinian conflict women’s rights. She is the founder of PATH art: an organisation dedicated to convincing her people that a peaceful coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians is both possible and necessary. She, together with Sylvia Hinz, is the founder of ArtEquality: a non-profit organisation and an activist movement for equality and feminism that offers support to artists whose work concerns gender equality. Her art has been performed throughout the UK, Ireland, Germany, Israel and Palestine.

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