Andreas Eduardo Frank: Between Me and Myself – V for Saxophone, Video & electronics

„Between Me and Myself V“ is part of a set of pieces by the German composer Andreas Eduardo Frank in which the performers perform duos, trios, quartets and so forth with their electronic selves through pre-recorded videos. Between Me and Myself V, for solo saxophone, features the saxophonist and several video ’strips‘, with the prerecorded parts harmonising, accompanying or providing a counterpoint to what the performer is doing live, both aurally and visually. The former pieces feature different instruments as soloperformances and also iterations in which the solo pieces are heard together, creating an almost symphonic level of independent musical lines and requiring that the performers react to the others as well as to the video. Sometimes the performers are seen to be ‚triggering‘ the video with their playing, sometimes the video seems to be forcing the players to react to it, and often the live and electronic players play in sync, creating a huge texture based around only a single live performer.

Saxophone: Pedro Pablo Camara

Production / Electronics, Video and Audio …: Andreas Eduardo Frank

Recorded at Musikakademie Basel – March 2017, by Andreas Eduardo Frank
Premiered at KlangBasel – 23.09.2016

Andreas Eduardo Frank (*1987) is composer and visual artist. He has studied with Erik Oña, Robert HP Platz, Marton Illes and Jürgen Ruck in Würzburg (DE) and Basel (CH) among others.

His work ranges from music for solists to orchestral pieces, often including electronics and video. Elements of „theatre muscial“ and subtle choreographics, as well as visuals through staging and video are part of a genuine style, he has been developing in collaboration with emerging instrumentalists and artists.

Andreas has been awarded several prizes and scholarships. The most recent beeing the scholarship program „Akadamie Musiktheater Heute 2015-17, from Deutsche Bank Stiftung“. He has also been nominated for the Gargonza Arts Awards 2016 – combined with a three month residency in Tuscany – awardee of Ensemble Protons protonwerk and selected for the 8th Composition Seminar of the International Ensemble Modern Academy.

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