Ezequiel Menalled: Loosening


Ezequiel Menalled and Her Oviedo have a long lasting artistic collaboration exploring the relation between sound and image. In 2015 they created “Oxymoron”, a work that explored different ways to connect sound as a dynamic art form with digital photography as a still image.

In “loosening”, the two artists expanded their search including also video, sharing materials from each artistic discipline that will only make sense when they converge as a unity.

We explore the folds and borders of our own disciplines to perceive a new aesthetic meaning that can be disruptive with the rules established by our artistic languages.

We asked ourselves: what are we saying? And we realized that the most honest and liberating thing was to ask ourselves from which perspective are we attempting to say it.


Ezequiel Menalled (Buenos Aires, 1980) is a versatile composer and conductor. In 2003 he founded the Dutch Ensemble Modelo62 and has been its musical and artistic director ever since. He received his Bachelor and Master Composition degree at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague, where later he taught from 2008 until 2016. His music is performed around the world by various ensembles and soloists. Besides his works of abstract concert music, he often collaborates with other art forms’ creators such as dance, film, photography and theater.

Her Oviedo (Buenos Aires, 1980) is a photographer, actor and cultural manager. He attended public schools intermittently and learnt from his father the craft of building site blacksmith. At age 14 he started acting training and later he was admitted at the Metropolitan School for Dramatic Arts and to the Universitary Institute for the Dramatic Arts. He followed classes of analog photography with Roberto Sanz; but he attributes the biggest influence on his work to his masters Alberto Natan, Lena Szankay and Juan Travnik. In 2012 he entered a cultural manager program at the National University of Avellaneda. Since then he works for the Ministry of Culture of Argentina, developing artistic projects with social impact throughout the country which also allows him to generate and collect most of his visual archive.

Interpreten und Ort:

The sounds have been taken from snippets of Ensemble Modelo62’s recording session last March 2020 and later manipulated by the composer. The performers are: Reinier Van Houdt (piano), Rubén Castillo del Pozo (percussion), Santiago Lascurain (electric guitar), Jorge López García (clarinets), Enric Sans i Morera (clarinets), Jan Willem Troost (violoncello), Celia Torres Ruiz (violoncello), Roberto Rutkauskas (violin) and Vasilis Stefanopoulos (doublebass).

The videos were filmed at the Delta of Tigre, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.


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