Lars Köppl: Wallfacer – Force Eject

The piece is a concept short, portraying a contemporal dance performance. It originally was planned as a simple music video for the track „Force Eject“ by german Electronica-duo Wallfacer but quickly turned into something much more sophisticated after South-Korean dancer In-Jung Jun was comissioned to write, direct and perform an interpretation of the material. In her work, In-Jung translates the rhytmic feel of of the music into spiralling shapes, that push the dancers to fully utilize their athletic capabilities and ran them to point of exhaustion multiple times during the rehearsals, as well as the shoot. At the same time, the performance leaves moments of stillness and meditation, just to explode into virtuous dance in the next moment. Lars Koeppl underlines all this in his usage of slow-motion, alternating with shaky shots, quick-pans and fast editing. At times desorienting and spiralling, at other times in fixed camera angles, the final edit of this short further advances the musical idea of a forceful ejection of power. In the process of the shoot, Mr. Koeppl used two different kinds of cameras. One modern model for wide high definition shots and an old VHS camera, that originally was used in german television during the 1990ies. The City Hall in Bonn, built in 1978 was chosen as the location for the shoot. While being praised for its modernistic look into the future at its time of completion, it is now seen as one of the many „Bausuenden“ (Sins of architecture) of post-war Germany and is far from loved by most citizens of Bonn. The short thrives to explore the hidden beauty of this monstrous building, while transforming something seen as ugly by the majority into an aesthetic meditation on transformation, shape and energy.

Biografie des Autors:

Seit sich Lars Köppl 2015 seine erste Kamera zugelegt hat, ist er seit jeher mit Bands und Musikern auf Liveauftritten unterwegs und dreht Musikvideos. Neben seiner Fachhochschulreife im Bereich Gestaltung von 2016 bis 2018 eignete sich Lars Köppl im Zuge seiner Ausbildung und seinem Engagement ein großes Wissen im Bereich Film und Schnitt an. Seit 2018 studiert Lars Integrated Design an der Köln International School of Design und hat auch dort bisher fast ausschließlich in Projekten im Bereich Film gearbeitet. 2019 stellte Lars einen Kurzfilm auf den Kölner Passagen im Januar und einen Kurzfilm in Kooperation mit der Design Academy in Eindhoven im Juni aus. Neben seinem Studium arbeitet er immer noch viel mit Bands zusammen und realisiert viele Projekte.

Interpreten und Ort:

Wallfacer (Marius Franke und Johannes Pfingsten) Stadthaus Bonn.

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