Vlad Chlek: [fMRI/extrapolation]



the sun swallowed up the night
souls are hidden in oblivion
in drops of dew will reflect the fear
days will annihilate the feelings
saw three gazes looking into themselves
heard two sounds from those who I wasn’t listening to dug up one empty hope and buried there my chances of getting outside

Biografie des Autors:

Vlad Chlek is music composer, originally from rough places in Siberia, Russia. He have a strong will for music since early years. He always liked to feel the presence of music in the space and its influence on him. Unfortunately, it turned out that he did not have an opportunity to take private music lessons,  that is why the majority of what he know and able to do, he had to study himself. He is very curious in music, always trying to learn any information about music, composers, methods of writing. He is inspired by lots of genres and styles, such as: avant-garde after World War I, avant-garde after World War II, minimalism, contemporary progressive guitar music. He is open to everything new and he like experiments in music.

At the current moment Chlek study Music Composition in the Netherlands at the Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, principal teacher – Anthony Fiumara. In the past, Vlad studied Musicology in Russia and received awards for his paper works at the Student Scientific Conferences. His music works was performed at such festivals as ISCM World Music Days, November Music, Ars Electronica. Ensembles who performed his music includes – orkest de ereprijs, AMPA ensemble, F.C. Jongbloed, INTEGRA, New Music Ensemble of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

Full biography: https://vladchlek.wixsite.com/vladchlek/bio

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