Septian Dwi Cahyo: Pelita (music for Illuminated plants, book and paper)


I Have and idea to deconstrct the meaning of music, and transfer some music composition techniques to the visual material such as Rhythm, Layer, Density, Tempo and etc. And this quote from Robert Ashley also trigger this idea “it seems to me that the most radical definition of music that I could think of would be one that defines ‘music’ without reference to sound” -Robert Ashley-.

Through a metronome app in my smartphone that enable me to project light as well, I illuminated those materials with various tempo, rhythm, angle, layer, frequency (in this case is light frequency, because light also have frequency) and “density” to imitate how music composition works, but withouth audible frequency “sound”.


Septian Dwi Cahyo is an emerging young composer from Indonesia. He studied composition with Beat Furrer, Gatot Danar Sulistiyanto and electronic/computer music with Tony Maryana, and Patrick Gunawan Hartono.  His compositions (Individual works and Collaborative works) have been featured at festivals such as Sound Adventure, Young Composers in Southeast Asia Competition & Festival 2013, the 21st Young Composers Meeting, Studio Musikfabrik meet ACME, Lokakarya #1 6,5 Composers Collective, Portrait Concert of 6,5 Composers Collective , 8th Shanghai New Music Week, SETTS #1, Biennale Jogja XIII #3, Contemporary Carols, October Meeting, Celebration of Asia Culture Center One Year Anniversary, Art Summit Indonesia, ASEAN Youth Ensemble (ASEAN Creation). and have been performed in Indonesia, Germany, Netherlands, China, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Austria. His music has been performed by Ensemble Mosaik, Orkest de Ereprijs, ACME, SETTS Ensemble, Ensemble Offspring, Classikan Ensemble, ASEAN Youth Ensemble. He graduated and received Bachelor of Arts degree from Indonesia Institute of The Arts Yogyakarta. in 2018 he received a scholarship from OeAD-Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research to have short study at University of Music and Performing Arts Graz with his supervisor Prof. Beat Furrer. During his composition study with Beat Furrer he also took algorithmic composition class with Gerhard Nierhaus. in 2019 he received Ernst Mach Grant to study again at IEM part of Unverity of Music and Performing Arts Graz with Gerhard Nierhaus.

Interprets / Location:

  • Composer: Septian Dwi Cahyo
  • Location: Graz


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