Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca: Music From Somewhere (Here/There)


Music from somewhere (Here/There) shows us a simple scenic display to amplify the previous moment to the sound emission of the piano, working with the silence as material that precedes the music that is yet to come, the one that is in this other place. Bringing that specific moment to the front means that the gesture becomes our main visual input, focusing on that virtual place where the performer is just before the sound materializes. They explore the different ways to connect the body to the instrument, linking it not only to the visible gestures, but also to the previous state where the non-visible movement stays: the pre-gesture. This piece also challenges the performer to rethink the act of moving arms, forearms and hands, inviting them into a deep proprioceptive exercise —to feel and control their movements through new self-awareness.  The video lead us (viewers) to a trip through the duality here vs. there, creating a palindromic trip (fade in/fade out) but not trespassing the border of the window where the performer shows their body: Is this limit the skin? The stage? The eardrum?.

Based on Paul Craenen’s ideas in Composing under the skin, the work explores the tension that exists between the sound here (audience), the sound there (performer) and that somewhere, where the music brings us, carrying away also the presence of the performer themself, becoming the pianist that could any of us, or none of us, be.

Biografie der Autorin:

Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca is composer, performer and music teacher. He has premiered instrumental and electro-acoustic music in several international festivals and participated as a composer and performer in dance and theatre performances. Currently he’s focused in the research of the idea of audiotext as a junction between poetry, language, sound art, music and performance with the poet María Salgado.

Marta Azparren. Visual artist. Moves between video, performance and drawing. Closely linked to performing arts and music, she often collaborates in scenic projects as a live drawer, performer or analogic VJ.

Haize LIzarazu. Pianist, performer and improviser focused on contemporary and experimental music. She is interested in exploring non-conventional concert forms as well as is researching about the link between movement and sound through musical gesture.

Interpret*innen und Ort:

  • Performer: Haize Lizarazu.
  • Video: Marta Azparren.
  • Recorded in Ateneu L’harmonia, Fabra i Coats, Barcelona.

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