Adeliia Badygova: My dream


There are many different theories about dreams; however, the science of dreams is not exact. In ancient times, people believed that when we dreamt we entered another world which was real. As science and medicine became more advanced, different theories started to come out. Some scientists believe that dreams have no apparent meaning. However, others believe that dreams are important for our mental wellbeing.

For centuries, people have believed that dreams have a deeper meaning. For example, many of us dream that we are falling and suddenly we wake up. Experts say this dream means we are feeling anxious and insecure or we feel we have failed in achieving a goal. Another popular dream is that of being chased; this means we are trying to escape our problems.Some people are able to see future events through their dreams.

There is still a lot of research taking place into dreams, and it will be some time before we are able to really understand the strange dream world that we enter every night. Dreams allow us to experience things that would not be possible in real life, and by analysing our dreams we can learn more about ourselves.


I was born in the small and beautiful city of Kazan on July 16, 1985. Since childhood, I was a very active and inquisitive child. I liked drawing, listening to music, dancing, writing poetry, and playing sports. I wasn’t interested in toys or dolls. I created toys myself from what I found at home. Parents understood that it is necessary to direct the child on a creative path. So I went to music school. Then came difficult times. When I was four, I was badly burned with boiling water and spent six months in the hospital. It was stressful for my parents. Doctors said that it would be difficult to recover after operations, difficult to remember information. Then everything didn’t always go smoothly, there were many difficulties, but I passed them. As they say, those who do not work on themselves do not make mistakes. My parents always supported me, and there were good and wise teachers. I was able to complete regulary school and music school, then I got an education as a pianist at the music college of I. V. Aukhadeev and in parallel worked at the music school, then I got a profession of musicologist at the Conservatory of N. G. Zhiganov. I never stood still, I always enjoyed learning new professions and specialties. I worked as a hairdresser in a salon; at IKEA as an administrator, then as a cashier; in grocery stores as a salesman; as a credit expert in a Bank. I am always interested in learning something new, learning from professionals, always feeling that there are no limits to perfection, that a person should always work and be modest in thoughts and words, be condescending to the weak and helpless. I have always tried my hand at different industries, but I have never stopped working and improving my skills in the music field. My students constantly participate in various concerts and Olympiads. Contemporary generation can choose the profession of their dreams, to work and study in any town to travel. Modern advances in information technology help people improve their abilities, stay up to date with all the news, and realize their desires and dreams. I am happy that I was able to write a book about people with disabilities, using information from articles on the Internet and from my personal experience (I teach solfeggio at school to children with disabilities). I learned about famous people with disabilities who with their work, talent, willpower and faith were able to shake the world, create masterpieces of architecture, painting, music, literature and change the lives of millions of people for the better. With the help of computer programs, I was able to revive my musical compositions written in a music notebook-to hear and share them with people. This is real happiness, when you can create your own creations and see them, hear and feel them, and most importantly-give them to the world, to people for good.

Interprets / Location:

I used my own photos and videos, and also took photos and videos from the Internet to fully describe my dream. I hope it turned out well.



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