Miss Mariana: 4

Beschreibung / Description:

4 is an experimental short film featuring music & dance that brings the audience to a research space to identify the source of balance and proportions in the combined art forms. Two pianists and two dancers travel together in a retro-futuristic quest for knowledge through pulse and rhythm, creating a progressive and hypnotic piece, and placing the piano as a common operating table for their interaction. The music features extended piano techniques in an intense, minimalist score.

4 is part of a trilogy of short films where Mariana Palacios explores the interaction between music and dance through the expressive possibilities of cinematography, investigates the hierarchies between music and dance, and decontextualizes the piano as a concert instrument.

Biografie / Biography:

The versatile pianist, composer and filmmaker Mariana Palacios focus her work on the fusion of music with other forms of art. She has composed music and performed in plays and has performed with different ensembles from classical to contemporary music. Her other great passion, dance, has led her to collaborate with international dance companies and undertake a trilogy of experimental music and dance short films in which she explores the interaction and hierarchies between music and dance through the expressive possibilities of cinematography and where she decontextualizes the piano as a concert instrument. Carrying out the role of director, composer, performer and producer, in 2016 she created her first work SERES and in 2020 4. SERES was nominated for the Global Short Films Award in the screendance category, and for the Best Short Film Award in Zinegoak , Spain, among others. 4 has been awarded with the best Swedish dance film at Screen.Dance (Stockholm), best short experimental film and best soundtrack at Encuentro para Cinéfagos and GIMFA; awarded finalist at Dance Camera West (Los Angeles), Screen.dance (Scotland); and featured as part of Marquee TV Arts Summer Shorts She is currently preparing her third short film with which she will complete her trilogy of visual music art.

Interpreten und Ort / Interprets and Location:

A film by Mariana Palacios

Directed by Mariana Palacios and Adrián del Arroyo Music by Juan J. Ochoa and Mariana Palacios Sound engineer Magnus Windo Mix & Master by Pau Escutia Choreography by Adrian del Arroyo Dancers Sabine Groenendijk and Benjamin Behrends DoP Anders Larsson DoP Assistants Mia Kaasalainen and Jessica Skogsberg Film editor Peter Hein Colour grading by Peter Hein and Attila Urban Graphics by Daniel James Costume design by Adrian del Arroyo Costume production by Olga Crimmins Hair & make-up by Agnes Duvander Consultants Dr Marialivia Bernardi and Neha Shah Produced by Mariana Palacios and Stream Movement Production Sponsored by Göteborgs Stad, Kickstarter Crowdfunding, Serneke

Location Säve Depå, Gothenburg – Sweden


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