Kateryna Hryvul: a day that could have existed

Beschreibung / Description:

a day that could have existed – piece for field recording of Krakow, chamber orchestra, percussion, electronic and video which was represented as a final project  on Gaude Polonia ( Scholarship Programme organized by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage), realized at Studio of Electroacoustic Music at the Academy of Music in Krakow in 2018. Two cities, two different stories. Kraków – Warsaw, Lviv – Donetsk. You never know what could be happened. You never know.

Documentary footage from World War II films served as video material.

Biografie Autor*in / Biography:

Kateryna was born in  the Lviv region, Ukraine. In 2016 she has graduated violin faculty and start study at composing faculty of  Mykola Lysenko Lviv State Academy of Music (studied composition  and electronic music with Ostap Manulyak). Her pieces were performed at such festivals: VI International New Music Master-classes COURSE (Lviv, 2017), International festival of electroacoustic music «VOX ELECTRONICA» (Lviv, 2017), KCMD- Kyiv electroacoustic contemporary composition music masterclasses (Kyiv, 2017), Kyiv contemporary composition music masterclasses (Kyiv, 2017),The International Festival of Kraków Composers (Kraków, 2018), 24th  CONTRASTS International Festival of Contemporary Music (Lviv, 2018), 48th International Festival of Contemporary music “Poznanska Wiosna Muzyczna” (Poznan, 2019). “Koncert Studia Myzyki Elektroakustycznej Akademii Muzycznej w Krakowe” (Poznan, 2019), International acousmatic festival “Sounds around me” (Vienna, 2019), 25th  CONTRASTS International Festival of Contemporary Music (Lviv, 2019).

  • In 2018 she became a participant in the Gaude Polonia (scholarship of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Poland). She was studying  electronic and electroacustic composition in Academy of Music in Kraków with dr Marcin Strzelecki.
  • In 2019 she became an ERASMUS +  student (composition) in Academy of Music in Kraków with prof. Marek Chołoniewski.
  • In 2019 – won  a Scholarship of the President of Ukraine for young writers and artists.
  • In 2019  – participated in FMF Young Talent Award on Krakow Film Music Festival.
  • October 2019 took part at  A C O U S M O N I U M  – Conference 37th General Assembly of International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music.

Interpret*innen und Ort / Interprets and Location:

Kateryna Hryvul, Oksana Lytvynenko, Olga Kovalchuk, Olena Trocenko, Kristina Fedorniak, Kristina Sandetcka, Yulia Bilyak. Krakow, Poland

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