Dong Zhou: Friday 10 a.m.


In the second year of college, I must go to a “Chinese characteristic” Marxism lecture every Friday at 10 a.m. The teacher led a roll-call to check the attendance. Sometimes we also responded to the names of our absent classmates’ or told the teacher they were in the toilet. When I recall these moments, I don’t remember many Marx’s thoughts, neither the propaganda of CCP’s, but just the sounds around me that time, and those from the imaginary toilet.

Biografie des Autors:

Dong Zhou is a composer, multimedia artist and performer based in Hamburg. She gained her B. A. in music engineering in Shanghai conservatory and M.A. in multimedia composition in Hamburg University of Music and Drama. She won several prizes including the first prize of “Sound of Shanghai” soundscape recording competition, the first prize of 2018 ICMC Hacker-N-Makerthon and the finalist of 2019 Deutscher Musikwettbewerb. Her work was included in ‘Sound of World’ Microsoft ringtones collection and she was commissioned by Shanghai International Art Festival, Hamburg CLAB Festival and ZKM Karlsruhe.

Interpreten und Ort:

  • 15.07.2018 in Bogotá „World Listening Day 2018“
  • 01.11.2018 in Saarbrücken „Evimus Festival“


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