Kosmas Giannoutakis: Stack Interchange

The video game “Freeway” designed by David Crane for the Atari 2600 and published by Activision in 1981, served as the inspiration source for the development of this audiovisual game performance. In the original game the players control chickens who can be made to run across a highway filled with traffic in an effort to get to the other side. These game rules are inverted so that the goal is to collide with the moving objects. With each collision the freeway is visually transformed and a nexus of complex self-similar patterns is imprinted. The game mechanics are coupled to two computer music systems which modulate each other and generate vagarious sonic patterns by means of generative feedback networks. The performance is a hybrid of video game play and music improvisation, exploring imaginative links between the two creative activities.

Biografie des Autors:

Kosmas Giannoutakis (*1985 in Thessaloniki, Greece) studied piano and percussion performance, composition and computer music in Greece, Germany and Austria. His artistic practice focuses on emergent music outcomes brought forth by self-organizing systems. These include compositional, performative and algorithmic agencies which are organized as non-hierarchical, decentralized networks and exchange information in multiple time-scales through the medium of sound. His works have been presented and received awards in various international festivals and conferences, such as inSonic in ZKM Karlsruhe, ALIFE

2018 conference in Tokyo, Junge SIGNALE concert series in Graz, Soundislands Festival in Singapore, Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2015 and ICMC 2016 in Utrecht, REAL/UNREAL BEAST FEaST 2016 in Birmingham, klingt gut!

2016 in Hamburg, 13th Athens Digital Arts Festival, Sonic Realities 2018 in Aberdeen, Workshop-in- Exposition – Thresholds of the Algorithmic in Bergen, xCoAx 2017 in Lisbon, “The Digital Body” International Exhibition in Bucharest.

Daniele Pozzi is an electronic musician and artist living in Graz, Austria. Among his works are live electronics performances, audiovisual improvisations, sound installations and electroacoustic music, often involving the design of original computer programs and physical interfaces aimed at resolving creative or performative issues. His most recent practice investigates the interconnections and synergies existing between all the elements involved in improvised human-machine performances, adopting non-hierarchical strategies to build highly reconfigurable and adaptive networks of non-linear sonic relations. Daniele earned a BA in Electroacoustic Music Composition from the Conservatory of Padua, Italy, studying under Nicola Bernardini and Giorgio Klauer. He is currently in

Interpreten und Ort:

  • Daniele Pozzi – co-developer and performer House of Music and Music Drama MUMUTH, University of Music and Performing Graz (KUG)


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