Aurora Pajón Fernández: TIMEWILLTELL

Beschreibung / Description:

360º interactive video for VR headset (if available), binaural stereo sound via headphones, 11’

TIMEWILLTELL is the result of a very inner and personal reflection. After trying to make a lineal tale of my own story, I realized that I should rather widen my perspective and accept that the present, the past and the future are difficult to discern. I accepted that I will never be able to know the whole story, nor to perceive the whole Reality. And it is OK like this.

This music video is a sequel for “Blind Spots”. It was composed during the lock-down in Europe in the Spring 2020.

Biografie / Biography:

Aurora’s artistic practice, increasingly influenced by new technologies and contemporary music, touches upon various disciplines such as performance, visual arts and musical theatre.

She moved to Switzerland after completing her flute studies in Oviedo (Spain) and Helsinki (Finland). Aurora first obtained a “MA in Flute Pedagogy” at the Bern University of Applied Sciences, then continued her flute pedagogical studies in Zurich and most recently she studied the “MA in Contemporary Ars Practice” back in Bern.

In 2017, Aurora founded “Tramontana” together with Alejandra Martín (viola) and Mathilde Bernard (harp). The three women compose their own performances, where they seek new sonic and creative possibilities for the trio, while reflecting their social and political interests and concerns. Aurora is also a founding member of the experimental and improvisational music ensemble “Blackburg”, and the ensemble “KRAN”.

Alongside her artistic practice, Aurora is a flute teacher at the Music Conservatory of Delémont (CH) as well as a coordinator in Bern of the Erasmus+ projects of MUS-E Switzerland.


Interpreten und Ort / Interprets and Location:

Music and video – Aurora Pajón Fernández

Flute and double-bass flute – Aurora Pajón Fujara Flute – Gérard Widmer Viola – Alejandra Martín Guitar – Aitor Úcar Harp – Mathilde Bernard


  • Adriana – Valladolid, 2020
  • Alicia – Oviedo, 2020
  • Aurora – Bern, 2020
  • Carlos – Mougán, 2001
  • Carmen – Lugo, 1998 – Tenerife, 1998
  • Fernando – Oviedo, 2020
  • Luis – Valladolid, 2020
  • Manuel – Mougán, 1996 – Paris, 2000
  • Ramón – Bern, 2020
  • Yayo – Lugo, 2020


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