JukeBoxx NewMusic Award 2022: Karsten Wiesel und Neo Hülcker

The JukeBoxx NewMusic Award 2022 goes with each € 2000 to movie author Karsten Wiesel as well as to the composer Neo Hülcker for their work „Notturno for a greenhouse and absent ensemble“. Originally film author Karsten Wiesel had produced documentaries of concerts of the ensemble „l’art pour l’art“, which were canceled due to the pandemic.


Der JukeBoxx NewMusic Award 2022 geht an Karsten Wiesel und Neo Hülcker

Der JukeBoxx NewMusic Award 2022 geht an Karsten Wiesel und Neo Hülcker

The ensemble’s director Astrid Schmeling presented her idea of developing a media art work on the basis of these documentaries to the composer and the film author. Karsten Wiesel about this cooperation: „It all started with the idea of a jungle. Together we meandered through our imaginations of ramifications and thickets and finally arrived in the greenhouse ‚Botanischer Sondergarten Wandsbek‘“.

In preparation of the actual work on the film in the botanical garden, Neo Hülcker developed pieces of music for the ensemble L’art pour l’art. Their rehearsals and interpretations were filmed at Forsthaus Winsen and were used later as background material for the actual production of the film in the nocturnal greenhouse. The nocturnal atmosphere, the sounds in the greenhouse, working by artificial light sources, the calmness or restlessness during the specific time oft he day highly influenced the aesthetics of both the tonal and the cineastic productions. Both sound track and film are comprised of individual materials which, newly combined, result in a acoustically and visually magnificent sensual experience in a nocturnal environment.



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