Elisabeth Kelvin: Bad Bird Nightmare Trilogy

Short Description / Kurzbeschreibung

We are all prone to nightmares. Often they take the form of violent attacks of animals. What is happening to us and how can we support each other? Things that fly are potential nightmares. It only takes a moment. When in Australia, beware of the magpie’s threatening swoop. “Bad Bird Nightmare Trilogy” manipulates the “classical” tone of tenor saxophone, distorts the “natural” beauty of birdsong field recordings, and provides visual impressions of Australian magpies, in an attempt to confront this strange and unstable age.

Interprets And Location / Interpreten und Ort

Composition, tenor saxophone and Australian magpie field recordings, artwork and video production by Elisabeth Kelvin

Short Biography / Kurze Biographie

Elisabeth’s creative practice blends visual with aural; she paints what she hears and plays what she sees. She received a Bachelor of Music (Sydney Con.), followed by Masters of Music then Doctorate of Musical Arts degrees (MSU.) Career experience as an orchestral/chamber musician sensitized Elisabeth to the importance and potential of the collective in music-making. As lecturer at Victorian College of the Arts, Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music, and establishing a multidisciplinary partnership in Tamworth, NSW, she embraced the role and meaning of place in social connectivity and symbolism in the arts. She performs and exhibits worldwide and – along with being a founding member of moist contemporary music ensemble, Doc Kelvin’s Hot Jazz, Stolen Moments, and Gentle Enquiry – performs with Ozmosis, Vienna Improvisors Orchestra, and Trio Amacord+. Her art graces international homes, businesses and small galleries, and becomes an integral part of many concerts and live performances.


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