Alona Rodeh: The Juicer (Late Shift)

Short Description / Kurzbeschreibung

This work is the first in the CITY DUMMIES: a series of born-digital motion clips introducing a fabricated urban puzzle. Its name, The Juicer (Late Shift), takes its cue from the name given by the Lime company to its contractor workers, whose job is collecting electric scooters from the streets, usually at night, for charging. The video plays with the sight of the e-scooters loaded onto a commercial van. In the loopie video, iterations of the same action appear. The van’s trunk doors open only to reveal a flashing stack of scooters. The event receives a fantastic interpretation when the entire vehicle becomes a light organ, dancing to the sounds of contemporary electronic music. The original soundtrack is composed by Rachid Moro (AIREM), an audio-visual artist from Brussels, Belgium. The work was directed by Alona Rodeh and produced by her studio team.

Interprets And Location / Interpreten und Ort

The artwork is created using Unreal Engine, a gaming engine, and is therefore depicts a completely fabricated environment.
It could be a vast, abandoned parking lot.

Short Biography / Kurze Biographie

Alona Rodeh is a visual artist, scenographer, and urban practitioner based in Berlin and Tel Aviv. Her cross-disciplinary practices are rooted in the perception of sound, light and space and include creating large immersive environments, producing video works, publishing books, night walking, and more. With an emphasis on public space, she has shown her works extensively inside and outside institutions, museums, and galleries in Israel, Germany, and abroad. She teaches at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design and advocates for Dark Sky International.

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